Melissa Rivers Laughs Off Reports About Mom’s Fortune

She tells Howard Stern it was eight figures, not nine.

Last fall, Us Weekly got the ball rolling with an exclusive report that Melissa Rivers was set to inherit over $100 million from her mom: $75 million in cash, together with an Upper East Side condo valued at $35 million. Today on The Howard Stern Show, Melissa laughed off the widely circulated $100-million-plus amount, which ballooned in many subsequent reports to $150 million:

“So, I read this online and I call my business manager and go, ‘Do I have that kind of money?!’ He’s like, ‘No, I wish…’ And hung up on me.”

Howard asked her again, to confirm, which Rivers did. During this morning’s SiriusXM convo, Rivers also gave Howard a rare and cool gift – one that only Jimmy Fallon has also received, for bringing Joan back to The Tonight Show on the 49th anniversary of her first appearance: a typed joke card from mom’s personal collection.

Stern’s card reads: “VAGINA – The only thing my vagina is good for these days is to suction me to the ground during an earthquake.”