Medium Spins Off ‘Matter’ Into New Company

Please welcome "Matter Studios."

Medium, a publishing platform launched in 2012 by Twitter co-founder Ev Williams, is spinning off Matter—a longform website—into its own company.

Matter Studios will create content intended to be distributed across a variety of platforms.

Williams will serve as Matter Studios chairman and owner. An advisory board includes Stephen FriedmanAkilah HughesBobbie Johnson, Lydia Polgreen, Laura Olin and Fisher Stevens.

Hillary Frey, most recently executive editor of Fusion, will join her husband—Mark Lotto—at Matter Studios as co-chief creative officers. Lotto most recently served as Matter’s editor in chief.

“We’re going to make stuff and we’re going to get stuff made,” wrote Lotto, in an announcement. “That’s the idea, though we have no real idea where it’s going to lead. Matter’s always been this mad scientist’s laboratory of creativity, a slightly bonkers and forever-evolving experiment. This is just the beginning.”

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