Media Minutiae: The “There Ain’t No Way Daily Candy Is Worth $100 Million” Edition

  • The Washington Post Freelancer’s Guide to Not Getting Fired.” Some news you can use from Washington CityPaper. In essence: don’t mock your beat, don’t heckle your subjects, don’t screw up, don’t trash the star reporters, and don’t tell your editor on your blog to “eat a bag of cocks.” That’s a pretty fundamental rule, actually.
  • The Wall Street Journal got played by Daily Candy’s Bob Pittman. Duh, says Staci Kramer at PaidContent. “Someone needs to take the needle out of his or her arm. This is a great way to try to set an inflated price — get the Journal to do it for you.” She’s absolutely right, and this explains why Laurel kept emailing us yesterday to ask if we knew anyone over there.
  • Where’s Sydney Schanberg when you need him? We could really use a hard-hitting “Press Clips” column right now about the total chaos that the Village Voice and New York Press are in, but wouldn’t you know it, Schanberg quit. That leaves it to the out-of-towners to tell the tale of our alt-weekly woes.
  • The pack of celebrity weeklies keep adding readers (except maybe OK!, of course), according to Advertising Age. The coming apocalypse is officially still off for at least another six months.