Media Matters: Down With Fox News

Given the energy roiling around the rallies this weekend with dueling messages of “sanity” and “fear,” Media Matters thinks injecting their “Drop Fox campaign”is perfect timing.

The left-wing organization is not releasing exact figures on how much they are spending on the campaign, but as Spokeswoman Jess Levin put it, “I would say that we’ve made a considerable investment to get our message out this weekend.

Media Matters metro ads with anti-Fox News messages began greeting commuters and tourists last night: “Fox Keeps Fear Alive” and “Restore Sanity, Fight Fox.” At the rally, Media Matters will hand out rally signs, lapel stickers, and T-shirts and gathering signatures for their “Drop Fox” petition.

“The dueling themes remind me of a certain right-wing cable network,” writes Media Matters Contributor Karl Frisch in a morning post. “Each day, Fox News “keeps fear alive” with a steady stream of false and misleading attacks…” …”Fox News is not a news organization. Fox News is a right-wing political operation.”