Media Layoffs: Actually Not That Bad?

media03.05.09.jpgIt may seem like the media world is coming crashing down around our heads and that none of us will have a job within the next few months, but it could be much worse.

In a Reuters article today about layoffs, Paul Bond notes that the media industry has experienced the lost of 7,453 jobs in the first two months of 2009. That’s a 34 percent increase over the same time period during 2008, obviously not good news.

However, when you consider that the retail (72,727), automotive (70,058), and industrial goods (51,545) industries have all suffered massive losses, the picture gets a bit rosier. While there are certainly more employees in these three sectors — and thus more people to lose their jobs — the numbers make working in the media world seem like a decent proposition.

Losing your job is terrible and we sympathize with all of our friends and colleagues who are searching for employment but at least we have a good severance plan.

The tech sector, now that’s a place you don’t want to be.