Media Columnist Among BusinessWeek Casualties


Today, we have been following the tweets of departing BusinessWeek writers and editors as they get word from the bosses at Bloomberg LP about layoffs.

Although we knew no one was safe, we were shocked to learn that media columnist Jon Fine, who has been enjoying a six-month sabbatical since September, would not be returning to the magazine after it gets taken over by its new parent. So what will become of respected media reporter Fine and his column Fine on Media?

The sad irony of the situation is that the magazine’s own media columnist missed the opportunity to cover the sale of BusinessWeek, a deal that ultimately ended up eliminating his job. But we have a feeling that when Fine returns from his travels abroad, he won’t have trouble finding some place to write about the media and the new Bloomberg-owned BusinessWeek.

Update: We asked Fine if he had any regrets about taking his sabbatical when he did. “I have absolutely no regrets,” he told us, while enjoying a burger at Peter Luger. “We had a chance to do it, to go around the world and talk to media people on the ground. And that’s going to serve us well no matter what.”

Fine and wife Laurel Touby wrapped up the first leg of their worldwide tour earlier this month, and they’re planning to depart to places unknown in early December.

Follow all the BusinessWeek layoffs tweets here.

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