McManus Says Goodbye To Pasternak

An internal email from LA Times’ D.C. Bureau Chief Doyle McManus:

    From: McManus, Doyle
    Sent: Tue 7/22/2008 3:45 PM
    Subject: Judy Pasternak


    I am very sorry to report that Judy Pasternak, whose reporting has graced the pages of the LA Times for 24 years (almost 10 of them in Washington), has decided to leave the staff.

    As you probably know, Judy has been on leave writing a book version of her 2007 series on the environmental and health costs of uranium mining on Navajo lands, a series that won both the Oakes Award for environmental journalism and the Risser Award for reporting on the American West. She’ll be spending some time as a fellow at Stanford while she works on the book, which is scheduled for publication in 2010.

    We will give her a proper sendoff soon.