Crusading UN Journalist Calls Out Fake Twitter Accounts

Inner City Press founder Matthew Russell Lee has written for the second time in the past few days about some troublesome Twitter trickery. Lee is an independent investigative journalist focused mostly on matters involving the United Nations, where he has an office.

The journalist’s official Twitter account is @InnerCityPress. The fake ones that have recently sprung up are @InnerCity_Press and @Inner_CityPress.

“It’s the way they’re using these accounts that bothers me most,” Lee tells FishbowlNY via email. “I co-founded a new press freedom group (the Free UN Coalition for Access/@FUNCA_info) and they’ve pitched the imposter accounts to each FUNCA Twitter follower, as well as each @InnerCityPress follower, creating confusion.”

“They’ve also followed many UN Ambassadors, so that these people won’t know which account they’re answering anymore. Devious.”

For those unfamiliar with Lee’s site, he recently wrote about attempts to have his UN press credentials revoked and connects the current Twitter fakery to some high-profile colleagues. From this morning’s post:

It’s a new low for this gang of scribes, who hide behind anonymous accounts since they work for big media companies like Reuters and Agence France Presse.

The UN bureau chiefs of these two companies, Louis Charbonneau and Tim Witcher respectively, both tried to get Inner City Press thrown out of the UN, as documented by e-mails obtained from US government agency Voice of America under the Freedom of Information Act…

Lee says he’s contacted Twitter media relations about the fake Inner City Press Twitter accounts and that several of his followers have also directly complained to the service. Stay tuned.

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