Massive Changes at The Parenting Group

0061042.jpgSusan Kane, editorial director of Bonnier’s Parenting Group, announced “a new organizational structure” in an email to staffers yesterday.

Babytalk‘s Nancy Smith will be the creative director of The Parenting Group, while Elizabeth Shaw will step into the role of deputy editor at Parenting. Dawn Roode jumps from managing editor of Babytalk to ME of Parenting. Christina Vercelletto, the “resident baby gear guru,” is the senior products editor at Parenting and Meredith Bodgas gets a promotion to senior editor at BT.

Lisa Singer Moran has previously been named the new editor-in-chief at Babytalk. Ellen Fair, Kayo DerSarkissian and Andrea Messina will leave the group.

Kane’s full email is after the jump.

Good afternoon—

In addition to officially welcoming Lisa Singer Moran on her return to The Parenting Group as editor-in-chief of Babytalk magazine this week, I’d like to share our plans for a new organizational structure of The Parenting Group’s editorial department that will go into effect next Monday, May 5th.

Nancy Smith, who has been the creative force behind the Babytalk family of magazines since 2004, has been promoted to creative director of The Parenting Group. Anyone who picks up a copy of Babytalk knows just how amazingly talented Nancy is, and I’m thrilled that she’s going to be bringing her vision to Parenting in her new role. Nancy will oversee the art departments for both Parenting and Babytalk, leading a wonderful team headed up by Andrew Nahem and Miriam Hsia at Parenting, and Rosemary O’Connell and Lara Levine at Babytalk.

Elizabeth Shaw, who returned to Babytalk last year after an award-winning 7-year run at Self, has been promoted to deputy editor of Parenting, and Dawn Roode, currently managing editor of Babytalk and a veteran of Child, Latina and Harper’s Bazaar, will assume the role of managing editor for Parenting. They’ll join the extraordinary Lisa Bain, who will continue to serve as Parenting’s executive editor. We’ll also have additional editorial and creative support lined up for Lisa Moran as she gets settled in at the helm of Babytalk and finds the right editors to build her executive team.

Christina Vercelletto, our resident baby gear guru, will be taking on the role of senior products editor at Parenting. Meanwhile, Meredith Bodgas, who has done a wonderful job covering gear for Parenting since she joined us last year, has been promoted to senior editor at Babytalk. Christina and Meredith will assume their new roles on June 10th.

Unfortunately, this reorganization also means that we’re going to be saying goodbye to some of our dear friends and editorial colleagues. I want to thank Ellen Fair, Kayo DerSarkissian and Andrea Messina for the invaluable contributions that they’ve made to the success of The Parenting Group over the years. Their insights, imagination and editorial integrity have made Parenting the gold standard for any media outlet servicing moms, and I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to have worked with them throughout my years at The Parenting Group. Please join me in expressing our utmost gratitude for everything that they’ve done, and wishing them the best in the next chapter of their careers.

I know that change can sometimes be unsettling — and we’ve certainly seen our fair share of transitions over the past year! But I invite all of you to please let me know if you have any questions — there is no concern too small, and my door is always open (and my ear open to those of you in the outer offices). I am so excited about the great things that lie ahead for this entire company, and I know that we have the right team in place to take us there.