Marissa Mayer on Google's Failed Groupon Bid

After incessant buzz that Google was looking to buy Groupon, word finally came that the fast-growing “deal of the day” company had turned the tech giant down. So, does that mean Google might launch its own coupon-type service instead?

“When you look at our overall suite of services, especially around our advertising, we already have some things that are like [Groupon],” said Marissa Mayer, Google VP of consumer products, in our Media Beat interview. “We have things like coupons and offer-extension ads that allow merchants to basically make offers to our users. And, so we’re looking at how can we take that technology and put it to use especially in the location space.”

Mayer also rebutted claims that being acquired by Google might water down a start-up company’s cachet. “I think that we have both a good structure for companies that get integrated into Google… and we also have a new construct called an autonomous unit where we basically will buy a company and leave it very independent.”

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