Margaret Atwood Raises $89,000+ for Fanado

Novelist Margaret Atwood and a team of developers are raised more than $89,000 for Fanado–a mobile app that will allow passionate fans around the world to interact with their favorite artists. They reached their fundraising goal with less than three days to go.

In the video embedded above, Atwood introduced the new tool. The app will give fans a peek at the artist’s writing desk, recording studio or workspace, talking to their favorite creator in digital space and getting a real souvenir from the meeting.

Check it out: “Fanado is where artists meet audiences beyond the reach of the press tour, without the expense and hassle but with safety and control. Anytime and anyplace: meet, greet and sign; save money and earn revenue; delight fans and discover new ones. Create and archive shows. Promote real world events with Fanado’s virtual ones. Fanado values your time, expands your reach, engages your audience and keeps you in control. It is live and intimate, with a ‘Kodak Moment’ stickiness that will make it the most effective tool in your social media mix.”