Making the Hairy Things Blend Into the Walls


Because it’s Friday, before a long weekend, here’s an interesting story in today’s local paper, the Chicago Tribune, about working pet supplies into an overall design scheme for your surroundings. Some of it is a bit much, but who are we, who own two cats, three llamas, and four hundred and sixty-seven goldfish between us (most of those are Alissa’s and Mary Beth’s) to say anything negative. Here’s some:

Bartholomew recounts how a customer with great taste, two dogs and a four-story townhouse bought large $300 microsuede beds made by Haute Pooch for each floor of his house, several for the country house and three $150 dog pillows for the car. Another in a new condo brought in swatches of her fabric, floor finishes and wall paint from two rooms to better choose colors for two dog beds.

“We pulled out the colors, but it wasn’t working. It was blending too much. It was too perfect,” Bartholomew says. She suggested that her client choose a color from a favorite painting, and “she loved it.”