Making A Game Out of the Uber-Familiar: WWDC Bingo


Here’s a little fun to start this Friday off to a good start. Say you’re one of those people headed off to Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference on August 7th and you’re eager to hear what’s next on the Jobs agenda, but every year you’re always a little distant to the whole thing because it seems like a lot of what’s being said is a repeat of the years before. Enter the WWDC Keynote Bingo! You hear a common phrase, mark it off on one of the twenty random cards until made a straight line and have one the game. Here’s the best part:

The other feature of the game is for WWDC keynote attendees only. If you are going to the keynote, print out the bingo card and play along live. The first person in the audience to win the game is expected to yell “BINGO!” loud enough so that the rest of us schleps can hear it when we watch the keynote webcast video later. If we can’t actually hear you, it’s also acceptable if Steve Jobs hears you on stage and gives you “The Glare.”