Lunch at Michael’s: Welcome, Citizen Journalists!

We took a break from Michael’s this week but that doesn’t mean you can’t send us in your observations from the holly-bedecked dining room filled with Proust-evoking madeleines and heartfelt media joy. If you were there, we’d love to hear from you. Please send your observations our way; otherwise, fear not – we’ll be back next week for more fun.

UPDATE: An eagle-eyed and owl-eared tipster reports the following:

The back room of Michael’s was closed off and dark on this rainy media-macher deprived Thursday, and the front room was half empty, but Diana Ross and her hair were in the window at table #1 with an unknown woman with less hair, Gerry Inzirillo of Saul Kerzner’s Sun resorts was in the power corner at table #4, social PR eminence James Mitchell was in the opposite corner, and Garry Zarr of the American Museum of Natural History was at the Michael Wolff memorial table with author Michael Gross, who was overheard asking the waitress if he could order an exorcism along with his lunch, just before Mitchell called across the room that he’d bought ten copies of Gross’s “740 Park” for Christmas presents. Speaking of books, Simon & Schuster’s Alice Mayhew was at table #14 and Lewis Korman of Savoy Entertainment Books was at table #18. Finally, Michael Barker of Sony Pictures represented the movie busines at table #23.

Do owls have ears? Fishbowl is an expert orinthologist. In any case, sounds like a great day at Michael’s – we’ll see you all there next week. Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep us away!