Lunch at Michael’s: Michael Douglas Day

Actor Michael Douglas sure is chummy with a lot of media folks.

Actor Michael Douglas sure is chummy with a lot of media folks. Holding court at Table 4, he got up no fewer than five times to greet, kiss or hug everyone from Lisa Caputo to Liz Smith. We will add the code letters KMD beside the names of those who Know Michael Douglas below. Below, a table-by-table report:

Okay, this is done now.
We barely fact-checked the names. Please send spelling errors to LaurelT AT mediabistro dot com.

Table 4: Michael Douglas (in the corner, back to the wall), wearing a light beige suit and robin’s egg blue shirt, dining with a bearded gent in a dark suit and grey satiny tie. What were they so jovially discussing, we asked the waitress later. Fashion. All fashion, was the word. Well, it is Fashion Week.

1: The Harpies are back! Gossipista Liz Smith (KMD) was wearing a lovely pale yellow pant suit (did she break her hand?). Apparently, she was out gallivanting the night before at Elaine Stritch‘s opening at Cafe Carlyle. Smith was accompanied by Conde Nast’s Maurie Perl, wearing a grey A-line skirt and striped grey and white blouse, publicista Peggy Siegel (KMD and hugged him), Jeannie Williams (former gossip columnist for USA Today), Beth Ksneick (Vanity Fair‘s publicista) in a long beige linen dress, Jennifer Maguire and guest of honor Lisa Caputo (former press secretary for Hillary Clinton) (KMD). Pregnant in a black suit and red blouse, she did not look two weeks away from giving birth. PS — Liz brought her a very prettily-packaged gift.

7: Financier Lou Margolis, in a dark suit and orange tie was eating a hamburger with another guy in a dark suit and red tie, who was also eating a hamburger (no fries).
Second seating – Kim McCarty, artist and wife of Michael. It’s her art that graces the walls of Michael’s, fyi.

8: Donald Marron, of Lightyear Capital (former chairman of UBS Paine Webber) with a guy in a seersucker suit. Couldn’t see what they were having 🙂

3: Joe Armstrong, (KMD) the Guv’nor of Michael’s, with former Texas Governor Ann Richards. She looked very put-together in her black and white mini check suit.

5: PR mogul Peter Brown with Opera star Renee Fleming, in a pale green-acqua jacket.

18: Wearing a striking moss-green tie, Herb Allen III is actually quite attractive for a mini-mogul. He apparently will now rule the roost over at Allen & Co., after years of working under dod (dear old dad). He was with someone we didn’t know.

14: Eric Korman (son of Lew Korman) also cut a handsome figure (too bad he’s recently married, gals) with his long brown hair. He was wearing a manly pink shirt.

2: Hotel tycoon Jerry Inzerillo (KMD) was dining with a guy in a dark suit and, surprise!, red tie. His wife, former anchor Prudence Inzerillo, joined them a bit late, but Inzerillo still danced her over to MD’s table for a quick hello.

11: The New New Martha Stewart Sandra Lee was there with another woman who we couldn’t ID. Uber blonde Lee looked shiny in her pink satin blouse and black pencil skirt.

24: The publisher of Lucky, Sandy Golinkin, with Alyce Alston, the ceo of DeBeers and Joan Jakobson of the NY Historical Society [please correct us if we got this wrong]. We have one question for Golinkin and Alston — what are you two hatching up? Ahem, we see more diamonds in Lucky‘s future.

12: United Radio Stations’ Nick Verbitsky.

16: George Ledes, owner of Cosmetic World, among other esteemed beauty titles.

6: Becky Thrash. New kid on the block. Don’t know her. Does anyone have any info on her?

23: David Poltrack, head of research at CBS.

29: Sarabeth Shrager, Marvel Entertainment.

17: Ed Adler, head of corporate communications at Time Warner.

21: Rock star writer Steve Fishman arrived very late with Sirius’ Patrick Reilly and had to wait for a table. Fishman, if you didn’t notice, just filed a much talked-about cover story on Murdoch in New York magazine this week.

7: Michael Levin.

26: Marilyn Prince.

20: Fortune‘s Patty Sellers.

27: Jonathan Feit, chief editor and publisher of Citizen Culture mag, invited us to sit at his table a few days ago: “We’re going to do a review of Michael’s, but it’s a little unusual in that we’re telling them that we’re reviewing them….” We were too busy trying to keep track of people who KMD, but we did take the names of Feit’s guests. CC Staffers: Igor Finkel, Michael Pullman, John Iton, Theo Mazumdar and Damien Power. They were joined by the MPA’s lovely and talented Shaunice Hawkins in a beautiful pale blue suit. Feit’s other guest never materialized. One Steve Greenberger, svp of print media at Zenith Media was MIA last we checked.

15: Movie Producer Stuart Rekant (Hidden Treasures).

22: Ken Werner, of Warner Brothers. He was in from LA.

25: Alexander Trower, of Bank of America.

28: Rachel Pine, director of marketing and communications for Doubledown Media, was with Holly Gordon, an ABC News producer who works mostly on 20/20. According to our very own Rachel Sklar, editor of fishbowlNY, “Pine looks quite like Sarah Jessica Parker circa first season SATC…”

At the bar with us: Neil Gabriel, of Susquehanna International Group LLP.

Here were some reported sightings. Send us your own!
Tommy Mottola with Jason Binn.

on 11: Henry Schleiff with Channel 4’s Brian Williams

Mark Rosenthal, ceo of Interpublic Media

Singer Judy Collins

FRIDAY NIGHT at Michael’s
Elvis Costello dined with his wife. “He was surprisingly down to earth,” reports one of Michael’s staffers.

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