Lunch at Michael’s: Ed Rollins, Jeanine Pirro, Martin Davis

It must have been in honor of our bringing our Board Member to Michael’s that we were granted our very own table, up at the front, Table 8 (David Patrick Columbia‘s) table! The theme today, if there ever is one, was politics. Here’s who was there today:

Table 1: Very sexy French fellow with two gorgeous women. It turns out he is the new CEO of Cartier North America, Frederic DeNarp.

3: Mayor of Michael’s Joe Armstrong with Chris Buckley, best-selling author and all-around media guy. He’s got a new movie coming out “Thank You for Smoking” based on one of his books. He’s also editor in chief of Forbes FYI. Tonight his father (William F.) is being honored at the Magazine Lifetime Achievement Awards being put on by ASME.

4: Guy in glasses with crazy hair and multi-colored tie. Robert Barnett, an attorney with Williams & Connelly. Lunch partner was Jay Carson.

5: Gil Schwartz and scribe James Atlas.

6: Court TV’s Henry Schleiff with other folks.

7: Jennifer Suarez, of Deloitte Financial Services.

8: We were at David Patrick Columbia‘s regular table, with Harvey Klein, marketing maven extraordinaire and hot-shot.

9: Surprise! a new table not on the chart (it’s between 12 and 16). Author Pamela Keogh, looking tres faconable in a blue wool French suit. She was having lunch with Jonathan Marder, of General Strategic Marketing.

11: Former Westchester County District Attorney and current candidate for New York State Attorney General Jeanine Pirro with another gal.

12: Ed Rollins and political consultant Martin Davis.

14: Michael Clinton and Valerie Salembier.

15: Scott Greenstein (forever known as The Guy Who Made Howard Stern Get Sirius), president of Entertainment at Sirius, with some other fellow. Scott looked very slick, with close-cropped hair and those wire-rimmed glasses that only look good on thin men.

16: Nick Rebitsky (sp?), of United Stations Network.

17: That devilish man Walter Sabo, who consults for Sirius, with Peggy Belden, vp of sales and marketing at adapt.

18: Kate Betts and Pamela Hanson.

19: Fashion editor for Quest, Edward Barsamian.

20: Glamour’s Cindi Leive, with David Z.

21: Deb Shriver, looking fabulous in a bold checked jacket; she was with a woman in a black suit.

22: Media writer Tim Arango with another fellow.

23: David Adler, head honcho of, with one of his investors, Louis Perlman. Louis, you should be very happy with David’s accomplishments thus far!

24: John Waller, Waller Capital.

25: Bob Difazio.

26: Mark Rosen, perfumer AKA “a nose.”

27: Jeff Stewart, Jonathan Tisch‘s right hand man, with a bunch o’ guys.

28: Helen Shabason of ICM.

29: Rachel Crespin

IF you were at Michael’s today (or any day) and would like to report in, or correct the record, please email LaurelT AT

Map of Michael’s