Lunatics Running the Asylum: The Mayoral Version

mailer.span.jpgHey! Why not make media bias official and vote journalists into office? That’s the New York Sun’s solution to this year’s less than inspired list of New York City’s mayoral candidates (or maybe Barack has just used all the inspiration up).

According to the Sun, New York could follow London’s example and “elect a journalist to the city’s highest office” (recently elected London Mayor Boris Johnson was formerly and editor at the Daily Telegraph). Or they could follow New York’s example: Normal Mailer, Jimmy Breslin and William F. Buckley Jr. all threw their hats rather spectacularly into the mayoral ring.

Apparently the Sun has no one in particular in mind, though we happen to think Mayor Remnick has a certain pleasant ring to it, just as Mayor Murdoch strikes as someday inevitable. Sadly, we have to assume that Maureen Dowd is out of the question — one would hate to see her crush the “remnants of her own girlish innocence.”