Lounge72 Delivers Two New People For You To Get To Know


Sure to provide you with a good feeling all the way out into the weekend, Lounge72 has just recently posted a couple of new interviews in their long-running series of mighty swell ones. First up comes fantastic illustrator, Genevieve Gauckler, who says, among lots of interesting things, this about becoming a working designer:

Becoming an illustrator and a graphic designer took me a lot of time. When I left school, I would say it took me about 10 years to learn all the different aspects of my job. Art school helps but it’s obviously not enough. It gave me the opportunity to experience a lot of techniques (photography, silk screening, and typography) to kind of have a better idea of my skills. Having access to a very good library and meeting other students was also really helpful. And I’ll always remember my 2 Swiss typography teachers, Rudi Meyer and Peter Keller!

Second comes an interview with the Venezuela-based designer, MASA. In it, he talks about moving from a tiny group, into a slightly larger collective, then coming back to just him:

MASA started as a duo, then we grew up, and became 3, then 6 individuals. Since January 2005 I decided to move on: now MASA is just me I expand or contract MASA with the need of the projects. I do all the processes via e-mail, ichat and video chat. I only work for 2 clients in Venezuela…The rest of my clients and projects are located in Germany, L.A, Amsterdam, Brazil, NYC and Japan.