Louise Blouin Tells Media Reporter to Stop the Harassment

ArtInfoLogoNever a dull moment at Louise Blouin Media. Especially when the New York Post‘s Keith J. Kelly inserts himself into the mix.

Per Kelly’s latest LBM dispatch, he dropped by the company’s offices late last week to inquire about an outage of the outfit’s main website (since fixed). The receptionist informed Kelly that Blouin was in a meeting, so he left his business card:

Later Thurday afternoon, Blouin e-mailed me to say, “We had someone hack in. I will ask you to stop harassing us. And never to email us [or come] to our premises again.”

Friday afternoon the site was back up. Left unanswered was an e-mailed question as to why all the phones listed for the company on its website and in media kits clicked to a recording that said variations of the number are no longer in service.

Kelly concludes with details about the latest Blouin staffer to bolt to artnet news and problems with a recent lawsuit settlement.