LA Times Unveils New Website, with a Little Help from Abu Dhabi

Thanks to today’s very impressive Los Angeles Times website overhaul, a Sports page can look like this:


A pair of Business section stories, once the left-margin “Visual Browse” choice is enabled (a.k.a., like this:


And the start page for local news a reader can use, like this:


There are also, throughout, ads from Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways. The company is adding LA-Dubai daily service June 1 and so, per a preview by Ad Age‘s Michael Sebastien, felt this was the perfect promo vehicle:

Etihad is paying to lift the site’s paywall for three days. The company is paying a “premium price” for the ads, said LA Times spokesman John Conroy, who declined to elaborate.

The website revamp is a GIANT leap forward for the LA Times and, in the shadow of Tribune Co. split entities, a most welcome cause for Tuesday cafeteria-celebration. Code and Theory, the LAT ‘s redesign partner, has an informative summary of what went into the joint effort. It all started from a very sound and logical journalism place:

We embedded ourselves in the newsroom to better understand how LA Times operates; what types of stories are written (breaking news, longform, photo journalism, etc.); how stories break and build; what tools are needed given the depth and breadth of multimedia content being produced; how conversations are best sparked and the role the Times plays in the lives of Californians and readers around the world. We dug into everything.