Los Angeles: The Pajamas Have No Clothes

We’ve finally read RJ Smith’s askance look at the slightly confusing launch of Pajamas Media, the Los Angeles-centered political blog network with big ambition, deep-ish pockets, and, as of yet, not really a clear sense of identity or mission. And yes, the Pajamas site might be a little unwieldy and the content spotty, but the same could be said about a certain liberal-leaning media-celebrity-studded internet webklatch overseen by a charming Greek person, and those deficiencies haven’t stopped it from getting tons of attention.

So maybe Pajamas should take a page from the Huffington Post playbook and announce a bunch of right-leaning celebrity bloggers: Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, etc. Per Warren and Gwyneth’s non-HuPo appearances, they don’t even have to show up to build buzz.