LogoLounge Looks at the Year in Branding and Identities


As you might have seen floating around a bit (we found it on Airbag), Bill Gardner over at LogoLounge has put together a trends report on logos for 2007. It’s a fantastic read, with loads and loads of details. And it’s really impressive, the connections they’ve made within their database of a bazillion logos, ranking them in categories like “Descending Dots” and the eyeball trickery of the “OpticaLine.” Spend some time with it today and you’re apt to learn a lot of what’s going on. Here’s a bit from the start, about what the internet is doing to the field:

It is also becoming disturbingly clear that logo design has become a public sport. As the public controls their own media more and more-Tivo-ing this, blogging that, YouTube-ing and Googling everything else — people are no longer satisfied to simply consume what is placed before them: They have opinions they want to share. So when a large corporation reveals its new identity, there are hundreds of internet sites flinging their opinions back at it. Even when the village board of Remote votes on a new logo for its two police cars, citizens take to the streets waving pitchforks and copies of their own designs. Committeecide seems to be rampant.