New Yorker Cartoonist Set to ‘Live-Draw’ the Oscars

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JaredLetoDonnellyCartoonInto the mad social media mix of the Oscars, be sure to consider adding @lizadonnelly. Because once again this year, the long-time New Yorker cartoonist will be “live-drawing” highlights of the Academy Awards, as they happen.

Donnelly will be using a stylus, her iPad and the App Mix. As she told The Poughkeepsie Journal, it involves a fair bit of trial and error:

The process, Donnelly said, “is very quick. I see the person on the screen, and judge if they will be on the screen for at least 30 seconds. If not, then I may have to give up on them and not even try. But if they are on screen for a bit, I just jump in and start with the main feature of that person — hair, dress, nose, eyes, it depends. Sometimes, I just try to draw that person a few times and realize I am not getting it and stop trying. Other times, I just plow ahead and often just the hint of a feature makes it work.”

Donnelly will start with the pre-show red carpet proceedings. She also this weekend has one of her cartoons in the New York Times, in support of Nicholas Kristof ’s latest column.

[Pictured: Donnelly’s sketch of 2013 Best Supporting Actor winner Jared Leto. See the rest of her cartoons for last year’s Oscars here.]

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