Live At Five: 1980-2007

0727liveatfive.jpgGet ready for the end of an era. Starting in September, WNBC/Channel 4’s Live At Five is being taken off the air to make room for a 5PM broadcast of Access Hollywood. Host Sue Simmons has been at the show for nearly all of its 27-year run; her co-hosts have included Jack Cafferty, Tony Guida, Matt Lauer and Jim Rosenfield. Although WNBC has retooled their newscast a number of times over the years, this is the first time it been cancelled altogether. Chuck Scarborough will host a new half-hour 7:00PM newscast and Simmons will now co-anchor the 11PM newscast with Scarborough. A new feature show, News 4 You, will air at 5:30pm. Says WNBC senior VP Dan Forman, “We’re maintaining the same amount of news time … and we’re expanding.” In other news, the new 6:00PM WNBC newscast team will be David Ushery and Lynda Baquero.