Like that Song? Nabb It

A start-up called Nabbit has come out with a native iPhone application that lets you “Nabb” anything you hear on the radio. Sounds kind of like Shazam, right? Not really.

Nabbit is more of a personalized playlist creator based on whatever radio station you’re listening to. It uses the iPhone’s GPS functionality to determine your location and then loads the radio stations available in that market. You then “tune” the app’s radio dial to match the station you’re listening to. Nabbit automatically displays info about the song or ad currently playing. If it’s something you want to remember, just tap a button to Nabb it for future reference.

For folks without an iPhone, Nabbit is also available in a browser-based version and a Java app. Additionally, it integrates with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

The company said it’s talking to advertisers to create special offers for Nabbit users, like interactive campaigns that integrate radio, mobile, online and viral platforms.

You can learn more about how Nabbit works in the video below.