Lieberman Blocks Everything From Showers to Pancakes

A new video by New York City-based Landline TV brings us a new video spoof of Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) called “Joe Lieberman Gets in Everyone’s Way.”

In it, Lieberman says “no” to everything from showers, to sex to a child having pancakes with syrup.

“It’s that politician guy, we’ve been getting a lot of this lately,” says a repairman who comes into an apartment to fix the plumbing. “We could try to reason with him but that usually makes things worse.”

Things turn dark at the end of video when a fake {House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi hires a hit man to beat Lieberman up with a baseball bat. “No, no, no” the phony Lieberman is heard saying at the close of the video.

(No one gets hurt, not even the faux Lieberman.)