Let Us Retire to the Lounge for Some Stimulating Conversation


We’ve been sad. Could you tell? The reason is because the terrific site, Lounge72, which we visit often for quick links and swell reads, hasn’t done any interviews with designers in the past few months. But then, like a shot of happiness into our arms (not to be mistaken with the morphine, which we’re addicted to), we looked today and not only have they one interview up, but two! The first is with Copenhagen’s Jakob Printzlau, aka Plastic Kid, a part-time freelancer, full-time art director at In2media. You’ll instantly recognize his hand-drawn looking images anywhere as you remember all the man gallons of ink is seems the man uses. The second is Linda Zacks, the brains behind extra-oomph, which is just about the best company name we’ve ever heard (and second only to the one we just made up: “Make It Pop!”). And now, as we leave you so that you may go read such fine work, we wipe a tear from our collective eyes and put on a smile. Happiness restored.