Leipzig: Open for Business


Well here’s the kind of thing you’d like to attend, if just for the opportunity to return a call by saying, “Oh, sorry, Tom, but I’m not going to be able to make it to your Tuesday night happy hour, because I’m, ahem, in Leipzig for the Designer’s Open.” Better still because it sounds super cool. Lots of really wide open subjects from all over the world, spread across the city. Plus, hey, if something you’ve created makes it in, you can start calling yourself an “internationally recognized designer” instead of “that irritating person who usually gets way too drunk at Tom’s happy hours.” Here’s a bit of the scoop on this consumer products-centric fest:

In its second year, the Designers’ Open festival will reflect both national and international perspectives. Visitors to the festival can expect a broad range of new ideas from areas such as product, fashion, and graphic design. Currently, several design studios and workshops have registered to participate in teh 2006 Exhibition. We are planning a special platform focused on design trends in Eastern Europe. Based on our positive experiences in 2005, we will again facilitate networking within the retail sales sector orientated toward design trends. Cultural evening events throughout the city will allow visitors to keep exploring innovative and fresh ideas. Specials explorations into design trends will be presented with a mix of technical seminars, interviews, music events, and video presentations.