LAT in 90 Seconds

Punking Paris: Someone finally found a use for Paris Hilton. Turns out the dim winner of a brand new IUD, um, DUI she makes great fodder for guerrilla social satire.

British grafitti artist (and wanted man) Banksystaged an elaborate practical joke-cum-art piece,” replacing 500 copies of Hilton’s CDs with a satire “remix” and fake album sleeves, featuring a photo of Paris’s atop the body of a mannequin above the words “Thou shalt not worship false idols.”

The CDs were slipped into circulation at 48 record stores across Britain. That’s hot.


Paris Hilton — Loaded in So Many Ways

Tom Freston’s Gonna Land on His Feet: tomf.jpgAs if anyone thought otherwise. He’s white. He’s rich, and he didn’t kill anyone. Don’t waste our time with this story, LAT. Where is that Sumner Redstone profile?

Beleagured By Bewitched No More: amy.jpgSony Pictures Entertainment movie chief Amy Pascal is getting a promotion and longer contract. Not to mix media, here, but Nikki Finke says that was supposed to happen a year ago.