Last Week In Posts

Our Top Ten most popular posts from the previous week, after the jump.

Jan. 19-23:

1. Stephanopoulos Cried On Inauguration Day

2. Party Photos: David Bradley Fetes Gwen Ifill

3. Has The Media Backlash Already Begun?

4. Ifill: “I know it’s much more fun to assume than to read, but if you are really bothered by this, I believe it will put your concerns to rest.”

5. Ann Coulter: The FishbowlDC Interview

6. NSA Spied on Journalists?

7. Tucker, Mika and Joe, Bonjean, Begala, Noonan, Buchanan, Arianna, Malveaux, Gibbs, etc. Get In The High Five Spirit

8. Party Photos: The Root’s Inaugural Bash

9. VIDEO: That “Testy” Exchange

10. At Gibbs’ First Briefing, Interrupting Rules The Day