Larry King Plays Musical Chairs

Larry 3.jpg
Larry King’s turbulent night of finding the right seat.

“Count Larry” King, as he was dubbed, played his own personal game of musical chairs at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Saturday night.

While sitting at one of the CNN tables, King first drew attention to himself by approaching the dais during dinner in a Count Dracula blazer (“What is he wearing, a cape?” a dinner attendee asked.) to chat up President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. When he returned to his table, he grew annoyed and complained to the waiter that lights from the track lighting high above were shining in his eyes.

So King moved one seat over, trading seats with Seth MacFarlane, creator of “Family Guy.” This placed him next to CNN President Jon Klein. But that didn’t do the trick. King was soon on the move again, this time to the other side of Klein, which now sat him next to a tall blond. Dinner attendees wondered if the woman might be a good fit for “wife number nine”.

With the whole cape get-up and moving seats so much, dinner attendees joked that he was behaving like a bat and suggested he might land another seat: hanging upside down from the ceiling.

> Update: Other overheard jokes – 1)“I don’t mind Larry King dressing like a vampire. But does he have to drink Gloria Borger’s blood?” 2)“Oh, give poor Larry King a break. After all, he had the best after party … in TRANSYLVANIA!”

This photograph, taken by FishbowlDC, truly epitomizes King’s mood for much of the evening.