Ladies Who Brunch Launches Web Site

RTEmagicC_karen_01.jpg.jpgWonder how some women in the entertainment/media industry in L.A. seem to be constantly “in the know?” It’s thanks to Karen Allen. The venerable entertainment industry vet who started a little listserv called Ladies Who Brunch five years ago will see the fruits of her labor evolve into a full-fledged networking Web site — not unlike Facebook… but also totally unlike Facebook.

The press release that follows explains more:

How often do you hear, women proclaim, “smaller IS better?” Well after having Friendstered, MySpaced, Facebooked and LinkedIn — the Ladies Who Brunch are eschewing mindless hours of trendy macro social networking for the finest in Los Angeles micro social networking.

Formed in 2003 and led by Karen Allen, a 15-year veteran of the digital entertainment industry, Ladies Who Brunch sprang to life to serve the needs of women working within the struggling Los Angeles entertainment industry. “A lot of businesses were going under in the wake of mergers and downsizing, so it was a way for women to connect and share resources and references,” says Allen.

Now, the Ladies Who Brunch (LWB) has evolved in to a 1200-member strong veritable force of entertainment industry tastemakers. “Our members are evangelical about us,” says Allen. “We’re a bit like Skull & Bones — but with expense accounts. When our members tap in to things, you’ll hear about it. We don’t just “add friends” to bolster our social rank. You have to know somebody to referred, be somebody to get approved and offer something to the party.”

A one-stop shop for industry insider information and trusted referrals for all things personal and professional, Ladies Who Brunch has become the new, interactive “Consumer Reports” for the modern, Los Angeles woman. The Ladies have found agents, legal services, professional services (PR, web developers, copywriters, voice talent), jobs, new hires, and new clients.

Ladies Who Brunch is comprised mostly of 25 to 45-year-old women in middle to senior management positions — many of who own their own businesses or run divisions within large companies.

The success of LWB has precipitated the move from free web services to launching its own customized website environment that will introduce membership dues and better serve its members. While the new website will offer options for hand-selected advertisers to create experiential marketing opportunities for the group, membership will still remain a privilege. Members will still need to be referred for membership and vetted for their position in entertainment, and growth will occur by adding cities, ensuring the LWB experience feels local. “We need to stay true to the reason our members feel passion for this group. Whether we’re LWB-LA or LWB-Sydney, the members all need to know that there is a certain common thread that joins them, that they are truly all in it together,” says Allen. “These broads aren’t about to go broad.”

Celebrating their launch from a YAHOO Newsgroup to a sharp, user-friendly website that will allow members to find everything from adoption referrals to resume building services, the LWB will host an appropriately fabulous fete at The Veridian, Los Angeles on September 6th. All facets of the event, from the upscale venue to the music and chic absinthe cocktails are all provided by and designed to promote various members of LWB.

In fact, you are being pitched by a Lady Who Brunches right now.