LA Weekly Tries to Keep Mayor After School


Daniel Zahniser in the LA Weekly has a great piece on the crowd at Los Angeles Central Library, who watched as the Governator signed the bill giving the mayor power over the Los Angeles Unified School District. He writes:

With the ink barely dry on the governor’s signature, Villaraigosa invited parents and business leaders to “come home” to the sprawling district of more than 700,000 students, an odd request considering that the mayor had just spent the past year calling L.A. Unified a failure. Even more unusual was the mayor telling reporters that he saw no contradiction between his own invitation to parents and his decision to keep his children in parochial school–including his only son, who attends Loyola High School, where tuition costs $8,300 annually.

Not to niggle, but Zahnizer’s got it a little wrong. Villaraigosa’s daughter goes to Mayfield Junior School in Pasadena, which technically isn’t a parochial school–it’s not attached to a parish–but rather a private Catholic school with a much higher tuition. All-male Loyola is a bargain at 8k. The mayor could have opted for cheaper, closer parochial schools, but the uniforms aren’t as cute.