Kurtz Profiles Brody

From here:

    Brody occupies an unusual niche. He is a reporter for the Christian Broadcasting Network who has forged good relations with Democrats. He is a wisecracking blogger who is part of Pat Robertson’s religious empire. And he was raised as a Jew, although he now believes in Jesus Christ as his lord and savior.

    Brody is, in short, a Christian journalist with chutzpah.

    While his reports appear not just on a daily CBN newscast but on Robertson’s “700 Club,” Brody says, “I bury my head and do my job. I’m talking to Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals, people on both sides of the aisle. I’m kind of in my own world. . . .

    “The perception by Democratic candidates — and it’s not the reality — is that it’s just a conservative religious audience,” Brody says at the network’s modern Washington bureau on M Street NW. “My fervent desire is to explain to them that there’s a treasure-trove of people out there waiting to hear from them. They can’t pigeonhole CBN.”

    Still, Brody admits he faces a tougher sell with Democrats than with Republicans. While he has interviewed John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and Sam Brownback — and is scheduled to meet with Rudy Giuliani in two weeks — he has yet to score a sit-down with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or John Edwards.

    But Brody has won converts. Obama spokesman Bill Burton calls him “absolutely fair. He makes a real effort to ensure that all sides of a debate are heard. I would say he’s a welcome addition to a media community that can be too caught up in the spin of the day.”

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