KTLA Gets Temp Boss With Alleged Temper


This came in our tip jar:

From LA Oberved.com: Staffers at KTLA expect news director Rich Goldner to be named ND at KSBW in San Diego and for the Channel 5 slot here to be filled on an interim basis by Steve Charlier, vice president of news at Local TV LLC. The Sacramento Bee in 2005 called him controversial for an “aggressive management style that included jumping on desks, browbeating staffers and, once, spray painting ‘Interrupt the news for news’ on the newsroom wall.”

Hmm. We a sequel to MTV’s The Paper.

From SacBee.com:

Charlier, who has overseen a complete overhaul (actually more than one) of the on-air talent and changed the tenor of the newscasts from sleepy to tabloidy…

Yeah, I’d like to see him TRY that in LA.