Kno Won’t Be Shipping The Dual Screen Tablets, Only Single

Last week eBookNewser brought you the scoop that Kno would ship its tablets within the next 60 days. The source for that article has come across a new detail in the past few days. After exchanging emails with a number of Kno customers, he noticed that no one who ordered a dual screen tablet had gotten the call promising it would ship. Calls only went out to people who had ordered a single screen tablet.

If this is true then it lends credence to yesterday’s story that Kno was getting out of the hardware business. Kno is supposedly talking to manufacturers about selling its tablet design so it could focus entirely on software. The new Kno apps would run on iPad, Android, and other tablets.

Here’s why it could be true. Kno didn’t call anyone who ordered a dual screen tablet because there won’t be any. There is a good chance that Kno didn’t get enough orders for the dual screen model to make a production run worthwhile. And that lack of orders is why Kno wants to get out of the hardware business.