Kinsley Joins Atlantic as Media Columnist and EIC of New Site

FBDC has learned this morning that Michael Kinsley will join The Atlantic as a media columnist and as the editor-in-chief of a new website launching in 2010.

Kinsley was the founding editor of Slate and has been editor of TNR and Harper’s, and editor of LAT‘s opinion pages. Among other things, he was also co-host of CNN’s “Crossfire.”

In a release, Atlantic Consumer Media President Justin Smith said: “As both an editor and a columnist, Michael has long been at the vanguard of publishingÂ’s digital transformation” and, “We are thrilled to welcome him and his considerable talents to the Atlantic Media family.”

Atlantic media chief David Bradley’s memo obtained by mediabistro is after the jump…

My Colleagues:

With this writing, I want to let you know of some great success that Justin Smith and James Bennet have had of late. The Atlantic is very (very) pleased to have Michael Kinsley joining the enterprise. Michael will write a column for the magazine and serve as editor-in-chief of a new website Atlantic Consumer Media will be launching in 2010. He starts with us at The Watergate on September 21st.

For my part, I have followed Michael’s career long before I joined the publishing world. He is a man of truly extreme talent. At The New Republic, Michael was as great a talent magnet as the magazine has had. And, he is dangerously smart. Now, when you come across Michael and me, say in the elevators, you will observe that, on average, Michael and David are quite smart.

In this period of transition in journalism, this is great news for us.

My best to you all.