Ashton and Demi Promote Celeb Pledges to Obama

Many of you may have seen the star-studded concert last night in honor of President-elect Barak Obama, but the celebrity support goes far beyond last night’s performances. Katalyst Media, an original content production company that was founded by Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg, has teamed up with MySpace Celebrity to promote celebrity pledges of service to Obama.

The videos, which were directed and produced by Demi Moore, feature messages from a plethora of celebrities that have all stated ways in which they plan to help lead the nationwide call for change that Obama’s presidential campaign inspired for so many. The videos, exclusive to MySpace Celebrity, are available beginning today, and have messages from Eva Longoria, Diddy, Nicole Richie, George Lopez, Ashlee Simpson, Courteney Cox, Dakota Fanning and many, many more.

Of course, this is just one of the many, many ways in which online social media is taking Obama’s upcoming administration goals and converting it into an ongoing, interactive movement. With today being Martin Luther King Jr. Day and tomorrow being Inauguration Day, the momentum for the highly anticipated presidential term is gaining speed and members in a variety of ways. Last week we covered some of the many ways in which social media will be taking part in the coverage of tomorrow’s inauguration, while others still have taken to social networking in order to gain perspective from the American people and reaching out to them as well.

While the system isn’t perfect, it’s clear that social media has become integral is engaging a wide array of citizens and supporters, reflecting the down-to-earth manner in which Obama’s campaign took to online culture in the past two years. And Obama’s administration even reflects an increased attention to the importance of technology, including that which is used for online networking purposes. At the very least, such efforts from Katalyst Media and MySpace Celebrity will help keep support and encouragement going beyond Obama’s campaign, and beyond his inauguration tomorrow.