Karina Longworth Hosts Impromptu AMA

Filling 40 minutes of extra airport waiting time.

This is an example of Twitter at its best.

While waiting this afternoon for the last leg of a plane journey, Karina Longworth, producer and host of the popular film podcast You Must Remember This, was delayed 40 minutes. So before disconnecting from social media for a week’s vacation with boyfriend Rian Johnson, she threw it open to Twitter one last time with a simple AMA tweet.

Brian Koppelman, co-creator of the Showtime series Billions, asked whether boyfriend Johnson’s beard has grown in yet.

It got even more entertaining once Johnson, sitting next to Longworth, jumped in. Asked if he would choose an uncut version of Orson Welles’ The Magnificent Ambersons or the Citizen Kane prodigy’s version of Heart of Darkness, the Star Wars: Episode VIII director answered, neither.

And former Hef Significant One-Third Other Holly Madison enthusiastically seconded Longworth’s recommendation of the Kevin Brownlow PBS documentary series Hollywood:

A few weeks earlier on Twitter, Longworth was roped into a discussion about an OK! magazine report suggesting she had caused Carrie Fisher to ‘storm off’ the Croatia set of Episode VIII. Longworth shook her virtual head, confirming the allegations were made-up hogwash.

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