Kady to Politico

FishbowlDC has learned that CQ’s Marty Kady (see his FishbowlDC interview here) is joining the Politico as a congressional correspondent and contributor to The Crypt column. Kady spent five years at CQ, starting at CQ Homeland Security.

CQ’s Anne Hoy wrote, in an internal email: “During his five years, he wrote for its website, daily and weekly publications. He was the
technology and science reporter in Commerce and Industry and the intelligence and foreign policy writer in the Defense and Foreign Policy domain. As part of the Inside Congress team, he has been at his
best when explaining leadership’s strategy. A recent example was his July 9 CQT story outlining the three-pronged strategy of Democratic congressional leaders for the remaining months of the session: blame
Republicans for blocking the Democratic agenda, revive the debate over Iraq and pursue a list of less controversial domestic policy items. Another example was his June 28 CQT story explaining the absence of
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell from the immigration debate. His easygoing and unflappable nature will be missed. His last day is July 27. We wish him well.”