Juniper: 1.7 Billion Mobile Web Users By 2013

Google_mobile_search 625.GIFThe number mobile Web users will more than triple from 577 million today to 1.7 billion by 2013, says a new report from Juniper Research. The massive growth will be spurred on by demand for mobile Web 2.0 applications as well as increased 2.5/3G adoption.

In its “Mobile Web 2.0: Leveraging Location, IM, Social Web & Search 2008-2013” report, Juniper also warns that established mobile players will be facing some stiff competition from Web-based brands. It suggests that these entrenched companies adopt new strategies that include more collaboration with other folks in the mobile value chain.

“The mobile Web 2.0 market is still nascent and business models remain in a state of flux, so there is still time for players to establish fruitful partnerships that build on their strengths and are reciprocally beneficial. The window of opportunity, however, is closing,” commented report author and Juniper analyst Ian Chard.

More report details are available on the Juniper Research Web site.