Judging the Candidates’ on Their Type Choices: Obama Wins Again


Now that we’re rounding the bend of campaign season and heading into when things will get really ridiculous, come Super Tuesday (or “Tsunami Tuesday” or whatever they’re calling it these days), expect to see a lot more articles like the Boston Globe‘s “What Font Says Change,” wherein they critique the signage of the individual candidates. It happens every election, as the tension builds, the candidates watch their every step, and, frankly, the media outlets need something to talk about (which, sadly, is about the only time design of any kind gets any solid press). In this case, the Globe heads in a fun direction, asking Sam Berlow and Cyrus Highsmith, both of The Font Bureau, to talk about what they think of the typography in the ’08 race. And, of course, as we’ve learned before, Obama always wins flat out:

Obama’s type is contemporary, fresh, very polished and professional. The serifs are sharp and pointed; clean pen strokes evoke a well-pressed Armani suit. The ever-present rising sun logo has the feeling of a hot new Internet company. His sans serifs conjure up the clean look of Nike or Sony. This typography is young and cool. Clearly not the old standards of years past.