JPG, Everywhere Offer Bold New Vision for Print

A sneek peak of Everywhere‘s cover.

In the magazine world, Web-based, user-generated content is all the rage. It’s cheap, it’s fun and the industry thinkers love it. But we still love magazines, too. The Web just can’t top the feeling of ink and paper.

Something has to give, and Paul Cloutier, the man behind JPG and the soon-to-launch travel mag, Everywhere, has a solution. Why not allow users to upload content, have them vote and then publish the best work in a magazine? Voilá, problem solved.

After receiving the “One of the Hottest Launches of the Year” award at MIN’s 21 Most Intriguing People ceremony earlier today, Cloutier, armed with the prototype issue of Everywhere, stopped by to discuss his plans for revolutionizing the industry.

IMG_0927.jpgAccording to Cloutier, JPG currently boasts over 105,000 registered users and each issue receives more than one million votes. People submit content to the site in one of three categories mapped out by the editorial staff. After voting, Cloutier and his team discuss “what the narratives were and what kind of things the community thought,” he says. “The community maps pretty closely to [our editorial vision].” A glossy magazine is published from the results.

Everywhere‘s Web site launched yesterday and will follow a similar plan. The magazine will focus on travel around the world. Users submit pictures and 300- to 500-word stories that are voted upon by the masses. Cloutier says he’s working on another mag to launch in mid-2008, but the topic hasn’t yet been determined.

The publications are ad-, subscription- and newsstand-supported. Anyone whose work makes it into the magazine is paid $100 and retains all rights.

Cloutier said he wanted to publish print magazines because he loves the “serendipitous discovery” that comes from paging through one. “Everyone says the Web is going to kill print,” he says. “The Web will make print better if you stop trying to make the Web do what print does best, like pictures.”

Also, our own Laurel Touby won a MIN 21 Most Intriguing People award. We’re proud of her, too.

A page of Everywhere. It’s out of focus because we can’t take pictures, not because the magazine is blurry.