Journo Suffers From ‘Damn Flight Anxiety’

Labor journo Mike Elk was on a tear yesterday about his pre-flight jitters. Though just on a short jaunt from Chicago to D.C. Monday, his fears about flying loom large. “Damn flight anxiety already started – covering the airline industry completely fucked over my life,” he eloquently wrote on Twitter. He went on sarcastically, “The magazine assures me that if I die in a plane crash, they will use my death for fundraising, feeling more relaxed already. Worst part about flight anxiety is you got anxiety about having anxiety. I never used to be afraid of flying.”

Elk, who writes for, tells FishbowlDC he used to live for flying and found it exciting. “Like it was the only time in my life that I could just read and not have to deal with cell phone, email etc..,” he said. But then a few months ago he covered how a lot of aircraft engine repair work is being outsourced to shady places in El Salvador and China and it and now flying just “freaks him out.” For instance, he shares,  50 percent of aircrafts are repaired overseas where there is limited FAA inspection.

Yesterday he got off easy. Tomorrow, he says, “I gotta fly to Paris.”

Poor thing.