Journo Pet Peeves in All Their Lobstery, Gobbledy Goodness


Journalists, more than most, have words and expressions that irk them. Here are examples.

Liberal blogger Matthew Yglesias: “When did people start writing ‘healthful’ instead of ‘healthy’ and how can I make them stop?” he tweeted.

And Politico‘s Patrick Gavin: “Very proud of all of you for not saying lobstery deliciousness, yumminess or goodness today. Good job.” (Gavin’s referring to the popular new lobster food truck stationed in Farragut Square that may move to Adams Morgan or Chinatown later today for dinner.)

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> Update: Linda from Indianapolis writes in: Saying “gift” when you mean “give.” (I’m going to gift $1,000 to charity.) Signage. What’s wrong with “signs?” And “grow” the economy. We grow plants, or we grow ourselves, but we don’t grow the economy.