Jossip thwarts TimesSelect, encourages you to harass NYT Op-Edders by email

Frank Rich Headshot.jpgYesterday E&P reported that, in order to email an NYT op-ed columnist, you had to be a subscriber to TimesSelect. NYT email addresses, once prominently displayed at the bottom of columns, have been replaced by a members-only form that can be accessed only through TimesSelect.

That was yesterday. Today, the enterprising gang at Jossip have gamed the system, lifting the requisite HTML code to craft email forms for each of the current eight columnists. We tested it out and sent an email to Frank Rich saying hi and inviting him to comment on the topic of “Does The New York Media Really Love Showtunes?” We think he’s qualified on the subject. We’ll let you know if we hear back, and if he agrees to meet us at a West Village piano bar to sing live. In the meantime, chat up David Brooks here or shyly compliment Tom Friedman‘s mustache here.

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