Jonathan Ames Brings “Jonathan Ames” to HBO’s Bored to Death

Any fan of HBO’s cult hit Bored to Death knows Jonathan Ames. He’s the mystery loving, mildly insecure, sex obsessed writer who becomes an unlicensed private detective. Hmm, or is he?

“In the original short story, the narrator had my name and I think it adds this tension,” creator Jonathan Ames explained of his on-screen alter ego played by Jason Schwartzman. “Did this really happen to someone? Did this really happen to this writer? As much as people love reality TV, I think they also love to wonder what’s the truth behind fiction.”

Ames is not only the show’s writer and executive producer, but he’s involved in every aspect of the creative process, including castings and location scouting. “HBO was very kind to me. It’s like they gave me the keys to a Ferrari, and I didn’t know how to drive stick but I pretended,” he told founder Laurel Touby.

Since sex is a common theme in his work, the noted author also revealed how he inadvertently became labeled a “pervert.” (Uh, which kinda explains that rolling pin Touby is wielding.)

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