Jonathan Adler Loves a Doric Column!

adler in mid muse.jpg

Not to mention a monthly online one. Potter-turned-lifestyle brand Jonathan Adler has done more for tchotchkes than The Antiques Roadshow, and now he’s entered the blogosphere. For his freshman effort at a “Monthly Musing,” the avuncular Adler ponders the “grandiosity of Neoclassical design,” inspired by the dearth of grand, historicalesque gestures observed during his recent weekend HGTV marathon. He offers a candy-colored list of suggestions for infusing a bit of neo-neo-classicism into your life, ranging from Rent Caligula (“Be patient — the first episode is a bit dreary but it quickly heats up and you’ll soon be unable to leave your house until you watch the whole thing”) to Greek Key is the Key to our favorite, Fornasetti (“Always, always, always”).

Of course, there’s also a bit of product pushing, but it’s subtle and relevant. Adler expounds on the thinking behind his Grand Tour porcelain pieces. “I took classical busts and turned them into silhouettes,” he writes. “Because these busts are objects rather than flat wall art or pictures, they needed dimension so I took the silhouette and sort of extruded it, which makes it look totally modern and suprising.” We’ve got our fingers crossed that April sees Adler muse on Alexander Girard, Palm Beach style, and/or psychoactive drugs (three tastes that taste great together)!