Job Descriptions Weed Out Stars, Leaving Just The Dregs

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Are job descriptions doing more harm than good? Lou Adler thinks so.

How could this be? You go to a job board and find a posting and if it doesn’t say “the candidate must have 10 years of experience in PR” then how do you know what they’re looking for?

But consider this, says Adler. “Top performers tend to get promoted more rapidly than under-performers. As a result, after a few years, they have less overall experience than the average person in the same job. If average years of experience and skills is used as the cut-off for screening when hiring from the outside, then the best people — those in the top-half (sic) — will automatically be excluded…Top people, including diverse candidates, don’t decide to apply for a job, or compare multiple offers, based on the job description. They are more interested in the challenges and growth opportunities, the leadership qualities of the hiring manager, the company culture, and overall impact they can make…Job descriptions are the lazy way out.”

Wow. Does this make sense to you? Or do we need some sort of description to help jobseekers make decisions?

photo: aussiegall