Jimmy Fallon Imagines the Voice of Georgia O’Keeffe

jimmy at desk.jpgAfter our report yesterday about the Georgia O’Keeffe-mania sweeping the nation, we got word that Joan Allen, who plays O’Keeffe in the upcoming Lifetime biopic, would be the lead guest on Tuesday’s episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. We made sure to tune in and after a round of John Madden Karaoke and a dynamite segment that interpreted the facial expressions of President Obama (turns out the chief executive thinks often about novelty juice drinks, notably Hi-C Ectocooler), Fallon welcomed Allen. When talk to turned to O’Keeffe, he admitted to not knowing much about her, including how she acted or spoke. “I never actually got footage to hear how she talked, except as an older woman,” said Allen. That gave Fallon an idea. “It kind of gives you creative license. You can make her sound like whatever you want,” he said. “And then everyone would be doing impressions of your impression.” Fallon decided to demonstrate with a couple of O’Keeffe impressions that were enough to make us choke on our Hi-C Ectocooler. We’ve posted video of the full episode below. Fallon channels O’Keeffe at 24:41. Then keep watching for the tale of Allen’s memorable encounter with a trio of donkeys when filming the movie in New Mexico.